How Boltless Shelving Makes Material Handling Easier

May 12, 2020 2:47 pm

Every facility has its own needs and specific wares to store, handle and transport and the variety of commercial shelving used in each warehouse will vary accordingly. For a list of reasons explored here, boltless steel shelving tends to be among the most widely used and preferred solutions in many fields and industries.

The most applicable use for boltless shelving is for the storage and handling of small or bulky, odd sized or odd shaped products. Since many if not most large supply chains handle items that are far from standard, it is no surprise that this kind of commercial shelving is ubiquitous across many industries.

In addition to this, there are more reasons why it is a solid choice for commercial shelving. Here are the main ones are:

  1. Low purchase and assembly costs. This shelving is relatively low cost and therefore is preferred when some additional shelving is needed or to open a new warehouse at low cost.
  2. Customizable. In addition to being generally more affordable, boltless steel shelving is adjustable by 1.5 inch increments making it easy to fit in any type and size of space, with no need to customize connector brackets or other components. It is easy to have them professionally installed to fit into the space it is intended for.
  3. It is extremely durable, and will serve for longer than many alternatives. While it is intended to carry lower total weights on the whole it is still made to last using steel and optional support systems. With those it can last longer and take heavier loads.
  4. Allows pickers to locate products efficiently and quickly, reducing processing time and saving a lot of money on labor and time. This allows employees to spot products stored on them. There are no hidden corners or large objects such as pallets or bins to obstruct the view. This all contributes to considerably more efficient and fast order picking, making the entire operation more cost effective.

For more information about the various models, designs, configurations and other options for building a boltless shelving system, contact WPSS.



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