How Boltless Shelving Systems benefit your industrial warehouse

June 5, 2020 1:51 pm

Rivet shelving or boltless shelving is a shelving storage solution that uses no nuts or bolts in the assembly of the units. These shelves have a number of benefits and are a great option for many warehouses. This type of shelving has been used by many warehouses for years, and they can serve as both short-term and long-term shelving options. Here are some of the benefits of using a boltless shelf system.

It Can Be Customized
Boltless solutions are custom designed and manufactured to fit any space or need. These shelves can be manufactured with specific space between each level or with different level heights. Once in place, these differently spaced levels can be used to accommodate large packages on the lower levels and smaller ones towards the top.

Store Fragile Products
Boltless industrial shelving is ideal for storing fragile items. Fragile items are often stored in boxes that are then stacked onto pallets. However, there is a risk of those items breaking. With boltless shelving, delicate items can be stored on smaller shelves with less space between the levels. This is a safer method of storage that does not require stacking smaller items on pallets. However, space isn’t wasted, either.

This Solution is Flexible

Another benefit to using a boltless system is that the assembly is flexible. Not only can the levels be adjusted, but mesh can be added to improve visibility and airflow.

Save Money
Boltless shelving solutions are also very budget-friendly. The units are quite affordable, especially when compared to some of the storage options available. These shelves are also economical in another way: they do not take up as much space as some other options. This allows for more boltless shelves to be installed or leaves space for additional shelving in the future.

Keep Products Visible
Boltless steel shelving is ideal for keeping products visible. Other storage methods that make use of bins or wrapped pallets can make it difficult to know what product is where, especially if pallets are not correctly labeled. This can reduce efficiency as employees have to search through various bins or look for certain pallets. Rivet shelving, however, keeps all items visible, which makes it much easier for picking inventory.

Rivet Shelves are a Durable Shelving Option
Finally, these shelves are very durable and are made from steel. They can hold a large amount of weight and will last for years. They will not need to be replaced as quickly as some options, either.

Western Pacific Storage Solutions manufactures the original RiveTier boltless shelving options for warehouses of all sizes. Every shelving solution is custom made to meet the needs of the warehouse. Our team will work closely with the facility manager in creating solutions that work within the budget while also addressing the current and future shelving essentials. Contact us today to discuss RiveTier shelving and other storage solutions.

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