How Boltless Steel Shelving is Important for Efficient Storage

May 26, 2020 8:18 am

Finding effective storage space can be difficult, especially when there is a substantial amount of inventory to store. Warehouses and industrial buildings are typical places where storing goods is most essential. When choosing the best type of storage infrastructure, it is vital to ensure that the space is being maximized. Boltless shelving is the perfect solution for warehouses.

Although boltless industrial shelving always requires a professional installation company to install it, the installation process requires only a rubber hammer or mallet. Shelving solutions from WPSS are shipped with all of the components and accessories in a compact bundle for assembly. The RiveTier® boltless steel shelving from WPSS has four-sided access to assist in storage situations. Without sways or cross bracings, quicker and safer access to stored goods is an outcome. The four-sided access lets the warehouse operate more efficiently through greater access to the materials for both human employees and robotic picking systems.

Flexible Locations
When it is time for a warehouse to either change or add to the storage space, boltless steel shelving provides flexibility. These shelving storage solutions can be reconfigured by professionals. The RiveTier® III systems are compatible not only with other WPSS solutions, but other major boltless products as well, making it an ideal choice to seamlessly integrate into a warehouse.

Storage Safety
While storing heavy objects or multiple goods, ensuring that a sturdy option is chosen is imperative. Choose the best option for storage with boltless steel shelving units. There are a variety of shelving units to pick from that can assist every need. Since these shelves are designed and meant to carry heavy objects and be under great pressure, they provide a great option for safety. The RiveTier® shelving solutions handle both long spans and low profiles, and are completely freestanding. There are also heavy-duty solutions for catwalk applications.

Boltless Steel Shelving
When looking for storage shelving, contact Western Pacific Storage Solutions for boltless shelving. At WPSS we provide RiveTier® boltless shelving systems that maximize shelving space. Boltless shelving requires 30 to 40 percent lower installation costs than bolted shelving due to the quick and easy assembly process. WPSS ships the shelving units to desired sites in fully accessorized bundles ready for assembly.

To get more information about our custom boltless steel shelving solutions, contact WPSS today.

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