How can industrial shelving improve a work space?

June 26, 2020 10:47 am

Maximizing workspace capacity is one of the essential components of increasing a warehouse’s efficiency and profitability. This is the key component to storage and warehouse facilities but is almost as critical in other work settings such as manufacturing plants, machine shops, automotive garages, and so on. Most any work environment that stores anything at all will benefit from installing efficient steel shelving systems to increase storage capacity.

There are a multitude of storage shelving solutions including rivet, also known as boltless shelving, rotabins for small parts or mobile aisles for archives or pharmacological storage. Depending on the setting and nature of items stored, using the correct industrial shelving systems can benefit a company greatly.

Let’s break it down and see just how using steel shelving systems can benefit a company.

Increased Space

This may sound banal at first but the less obvious fact is that increasing storage shelf capacity increases usable space everywhere. But this is not just about stored inventory. This also applies to tools which can be put away safely to clear workbenches. Heavy duty steel shelving systems take up less space than pallet racks as well, clearing valuable floor space and making the entire facility more usable. Every aspect of the workplace benefits from them.

Improved Accessibility

Industrial shelving systems are built in such a way as to increase access. The materials used are sturdy and don’t need to be as robust in order to carry as much weight. This means less obstruction for shelf access. Items can be picked and restocked with ease from any direction, including from the sides, improving speed of task performance and general convenience of working in a place.

Additional Safety

This point is a direct extension of the previous two. When efficient storage shelving solutions are put in place, a workspace becomes more spacious and items more accessible. This directly leads to workplaces becoming safer. There are less dangers of tripping over scattered inventory or dropping heavy items from inaccessible shelves. Steel shelving can be accessorized to include automated loading arms, steel doors for hazardous items to be kept secluded, and integrated bins to prevent spillage of small inventory and tools.

The general wellbeing of workers has improved as does their efficiency. And this is saying nothing about injury restitution payments saved this way.

The result of this choice is a long lasting list of positive impacts including a more productive workforce, increased revenues, improved customer satisfaction and more.

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