How can metal shelving be used for multiple applications?

June 13, 2020 9:58 am

Making the most of a warehouse space requires an approach that is safe and efficient. It requires maximizing the use of floor space as well as vertical space. Industrial storage solutions from Western Pacific Storage Solutions are ideal for all manner of warehouse needs.

These systems are available in many styles and configurations of metal industrial shelving. One of the options is to use shelving with open backs and sides, or to choose a more classic system with closed backs and sides. This refers to having partitions at the back and side of the shelving to close it in. Doing this on your shelving storage systems can help to create a safer work environment by preventing things from falling off the back of the shelf.

With closed back shelves, you can effectively create a wall that allows access to the shelving from only one side. But with either configuration, the metal industrial shelving is strong, secure, and stable while also being freestanding.

Some industrial storage solutions don’t require the use of nuts and bolts for assembly. Instead, they make use of rivets to keep the assembly together. These are professionally engineered shelving storage systems that can simplify the reconfiguration process, should you ever have the need to rearrange the shelf layout of your warehouse space. Bear in mind that all installations must be done by professionals so it is important to fully configure the layout of a warehouse before getting the installations done as it is difficult to change later.

Metal industrial shelving has more uses than just in a warehouse. They can be used in distribution centres, where products are stacked in preparation for sending off to consumers.

They can also be used in supply rooms to safely store items in a compact space. They may be used  for archive record storage in a museum, school, or government building.

Metal shelves are free standing and rigid. This means they don’t require additional support, such as boards to brace the back. This allows access from all sides, which can be especially useful for maximizing storage space.

The shelf of these storage systems can be a range of materials. Particleboard, perforated metal, and wire are common options. The material decision should be based on location and storage needs. When deciding on a shelving material, consider the types of materials that will be stored on the shelving.

WPSS manufactures steel shelving that is customized to each customer’s individual needs. Contact us today for a quote.

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