How can open steel shelves change the design of a warehouse?

June 20, 2020 12:41 pm

Commercial shelving for warehouses has been a rather static product over the years, despite an increasing variety of inventory items to be shelved and an ever-changing supply chain and logistics landscape. More recently, however, new layouts and ways of organizing items have evolved. As a result, we now have such options as open steel shelving and other modern open storage systems.

Let’s discuss a few reasons that a warehouse layout with open metal shelving can be a far more efficient storage solution than the traditional closed shelving setup for certain warehouses.

Open metal shelving is flexible
To make better use of space, the designation of shelving areas should be made interchangeable depending on current needs. Open storage systems have become a highly popular shelving solution as demands for warehousing have rapidly increased. With more businesses operating without brick-and-mortar stores than ever before, warehouses need a shelving system that enables quick item picking, which open metal shelving provides.

Better use of space
Open metal shelving from Western Pacific Storage Solutions is customized for each warehouse application to comply with regional seismic requirements. The open steel shelving from WPSS provides three post options to fit any warehouse configuration. The side and end sway braces also allow oversized items to be securely stored.

Expandable storage options
WPSS designs storage solutions that can be engineered as multi-level systems. Rather than making a costly expansion to the warehouse, shelving systems can be built up to 4 levels high, allowing a warehouse to expand upwards rather than outwards. This solution is both cost effective and efficient, especially as businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. As discussed earlier, many businesses have moved into an online ecommerce format which requires more warehouse storage space, as they no longer have the use of brick and mortar retail facilities for inventory The higher demand for warehousing has prompted shelving manufacturers to find more ways to integrate shelving systems into warehouse spaces.

Western Pacific Storage Solutions custom engineers open metal shelving systems that allow warehouses to be flexible, utilize their space effectively, and be cost-effective. Reach out to us today at to learn more about our open steel shelving systems.

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