How closed shelves can organize warehouse space with the changing needs of a business

July 3, 2020 10:02 am

With ever-changing needs in a big organization, the need to store in-house items and products also changes and demands better storage solutions to optimize performance, efficiency, and productivity. This is where closed shelves come into play. They take care of the storage and protection of smaller and unstable products with the help of bin shelving units. At the same time, they are made of high-density steel and can store heavier products too, efficiently adapting to the changing needs of any business.

Difference between closed and open steel shelving

Industrial steel shelves exist in multiple forms and configurations. However, there are two major types that branch into all other kinds of shelving systems: open steel shelving and closed steel shelving.

The closed shelving system has a steel back and two enclosed side panels, just like a traditional bookshelf. Closed shelves differ from their counterparts, open shelves, which are open from all four sides.

Benefits of closed steel shelving

There is a long list of benefits that closed steel shelving offers. Some of these benefits are listed below.

  • Stability, product safety, and cleanliness for the shelves and products stored
  • The durability of bolted uprights and high-density steel aids the storage of heavy items
  • The three-sided closed design helps to safeguard products and employees
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • Closed steel shelving is more stable compared to open shelving systems
  • Provides space optimization to better organize items within the unit

What are Bin Shelving Units?

Bin shelving units are made to store bins containing smaller and unstable products like nuts, bolts, tools, or any other small items that cannot be stored directly on the shelves. A bin shelving unit is an essential component of a well-designed storage system. The shelves provide improved organization and safe storage for products. If needed, they can also be used to also store heavy-duty parts alongside, by removing the bins and placing the larger products directly on the shelves. This kind of shelving has a range of configurations to suit operational requirements.

Benefits of bin shelving units

Since bin shelving units are a type of closed steel shelving, they offer the same benefits as any other closed steel shelving system, including:

  • store smaller and categorized products
  • eliminate workspace clutter
  • keep all pieces of in-house tools and equipment organized
  • locating small items more easily
  • improve workspace and storage productivity
  • help keep tools and supplies out of the way, preventing employees from tripping and falling

There is an exhaustive list of benefits that closed steel shelving and bin shelving units offer for the changing needs of businesses. Visit our website to connect with a consultant to find out how industrial storage shelving can optimize specific storage requirements.

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