How do Boltless Shelves Help Organize Storage Space?

April 27, 2021 7:55 am

The primary challenge faced by a supply chain warehouse facility is maximizing usable storage space while keeping it accessible. In other words, the goal is storing items efficiently. This means not only making more shelf space but allowing for foot traffic or easy forklift access to all of it. In this challenge, the boltless shelving system is likely one of the best strategies.

Boltless shelving, also known as rivet shelving, has been used for years by high traffic and high capacity warehouses in North America. It is easier to install, highly customizable and carries substantial long term benefits.

It is ideal for a diverse warehouse storing a wide range of items of different bulk and weight. RiveTier shelving parts are highly reliable and have exceptional durability which makes them an ideal long-term investment.

Here are the Benefits of installing a boltless shelving system.

Advantages of Using Boltless Steel Shelving

  1. Easier Installation and Flexible Assembly – while it still requires expert installers to install properly and professionally, RiveTier shelving parts are made for easy deployment. The only tool required for putting this type of shelving together is a mallet. With 1.5” incremental adjustments, shelves can be spaced at different heights as needed. This allows storing items of different height and size on different shelves or tiers on the same shelving unit.
  2. High Inventory Visibility – unlike many other shelving systems, boltless steel shelving provides perfect visibility of items stored on each shelf. Unlike bin storage with panels blocking access and visibility from three out of four sides, RiveTier shelving parts are made to provide less obstruction. Adding wire mesh decking can improve on this too. This convenience can speed up picking times considerably, improve the efficiency of the entire operation.
  3. Durability – this is a very important factor in choosing a type of shelving. Made of 14 gauge steel, the design provides sturdy support for high capacity shelves carrying bulk or lots of weight. This exceptional strength allows a unit to carry between 500 and 1500 lbs. Moreover, heavy duty posts can be added to support catwalk systems, further increasing capacity and accessibility.
  4. Flexibility – yes, we mentioned flexibility before but only insofar as it allows to create varying shelf heights for different goods. But there’s another aspect to this, making RiveTier shelving parts unique in this respect. When a warehouse changes its designation and needs to stock up on a different kind of inventory, rigid bolted or welded shelves are a problem and a liability. Boltless steel shelving on the other hand can be taken apart with relative ease and put together in a different configuration. This alone can make a prohibitively expensive warehouse move or redesign easy to achieve.


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