How mezzanine platforms in a warehouse can take you a notch higher

April 23, 2020 11:49 am

One of the priorities of any supply chain warehouse is to increase capacity and reduce item picking time. There are several ways to achieve this and the mezzanine platform is by far one of the most efficient of those.

In addition to allowing for more, and more efficient, storage space, it also has the capacity of reducing injuries during item handling and reducing production floor clutter. An added bonus is allowing for a mezzanine platform office in warehouse, providing a better supervising position to keep staff in order. Let’s go over the benefits one by one to make sure nothing is missed:

Increased Storage Space
When the floor level storage of a warehouse is mostly used up and shelving racks have been installed everywhere they could possibly be installed, there’s still potential for installing metal mezzanine systems. They allow the area that was otherwise not used warehouse mezzanine for storage to be used for it after all. With employee traffic (pedestrian or forklift) underneath, industrial mezzanine systems double the space by creating storage areas overhead.

Increased Flexibility
In addition to being used for storage, metal mezzanine systems can easily double as office areas or temporary drop off points, reducing traffic in the main floor level areas. It can hold goods that are not frequently moved, effectively serving as a stow-away area for things that would otherwise get in the way of day-to-day operations.

Increased Personnel Safety
Injuries being a hard to control and rather frequent occurrence in most warehouses, this bonus may be last on the list but far from least important. Unlike most typical vertical shelving racks, a mezzanine platform allows for far more convenient and safer storage of items. This means they can be picked without the risk of them falling over on staff and causing injuries.

Increased Profits with Minimal Investment
The capacity of industrial mezzanine systems compared to the relatively low cost of their installation makes them a perfect solution. Especially compared to the cost of opening up another warehouse and all the expenses it entails.

In the realm of solutions to increase storage space while not renting another warehouse, the mezzanine platform is by far the most efficient and cost effective. And while the increase in demand will mean a new storage space will be needed sooner or later, the benefits industrial mezzanine systems bring can and has been utilized by large supply chains across their warehouses to increase overall productivity and improve profit margins.

For more information on options available and industrial mezzanine installation guides, visit the link below:

SureSTEP – Platforms (Mezzanines), Stairs, Gates & Railings

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