How Multi-Tier Metal Storage Shelves Can Benefit A Warehouse

April 18, 2020 2:17 pm

As a warehouse moves more and more product, an issue that will inevitably pop up is where to find more space. If there’s no more room for new industrial metal shelving, and expanding is prohibitively expensive or not logistically possible, it can seem as if the growth of a warehouse is being forced to stagnate. However, one option to seriously consider is not to build out, but to build up. A multi-tier metal storage shelving system may be just the thing for allowing a warehouse to continue to grow and its business to thrive.

Essentially, a multi-tier shelving system means stacking metal storage shelves on top of each other with the aid of catwalks and/or or staircases. Depending on space available, some of WPSS’ custom manufactured shelving options can go as high as 4 levels. Support is built in so there’s no risk of shelves collapsing or falling over, and our Deluxe option has seismic protection, a core competency of our engineering team. Top shelf units are accessed via staircases, catwalks, or mezzanine platforms, all of which have guardrails, gates, and other safety measures in place to keep both the employees and the product safe. They are safe, efficient, and come with a multiplicity of options for accessibility depending on a warehouse’s layout and design.

Incorporating a multi-tier storage system can be an ideal way to increase storage space, because by capitalizing on vertical space, warehouses can at least double and potentially triple or quadruple their available space. These new shelves can either be built on the shelves that are already in the space or be custom built. But whether a space already has shelves built to be able to be in a stack or new industrial metal shelving is custom ordered, the available storage space can dramatically increase, and so do the new opportunities and choices in organization.

Multi-tier storage systems are most ideal for ecommerce and retail, or any business where the product is light enough to be easily carried downstairs and there is a high quantity of product and product turnover. This allows for safe and comfortable transport of the product by employees. Industrial shelving units can also be used by any warehouse that has the equipment to retrieve heavier products from the top shelves. Flammable or explosive products may prove hazardous however, as during an emergency these will not be able to be evacuated or made harmless in a timely manner.

Ultimately, if a warehouse is looking for more space, multi-tier metal storage shelves are the perfect option to consider. They work with the vertical space most warehouses already have and might not be using.  They can vastly increase the available space, they are built with safety of product and employee in mind, and they are customizable to a warehouse’s specific space. They allow a space and a business to be as efficient as possible.

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