How Our Products Can Help You

January 15, 2016 9:09 am

For the past 30-plus years, Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS), formerly known as Western Pacific Storage Systems, has been a premier provider of quality shelving, mezzanine (work platform) systems, industrial structures solutions, and record and file storage.

Top-Rated Solutions

  •  RiveTier Solutions – With a unique boltless design, RiveTier Solutions assembles in just minutes. In addition to saving time, you will spend roughly 40 percent less money compared to shelving that uses bolts. With six distinct unit types, there is a solution for every need.
  •  Long Span Shelving – Long Span is ideal when you need tough, high-capacity shelving. Functional, strong, and economical, these shelves work great for more challenging scenarios. Along with a 2,400-pound weight capacity, this product spans up to 8 feet and has a height of up to 21 feet. As a result, there are fewer posts blocking access to materials, and splicing is not required.
  •   Low Profile – With a span up to 4 feet, weight capacity of 350 pounds per shelf, fast assembly, easy adjustment, and unobstructed access from all four sides, this product is hard to beat. As a bonus, the concealed shelf edge design creates a cleaner and more refined aesthetic.
  •  Z Beam – This product is a perfect blend of Long Span and Low Profile. Designed with a low-profile beam, this high-capacity product spans up to 6 feet with an additional 1 ⅟16-inch vertical clearance for each shelf. Therefore, space is maximized.
  •  Record and File Storage – To take advantage of your current space, get better organized, or archive documents and records; this shelving solution is the perfect answer.
  •  Record Archive Box Storage – This file and record storage solution is exceptional. Available in single or multilevel units, each shelf stores 20 standard record boxes. Without sway bars, you have access from all sides.
  •  Open File Storage – Another record and file storage solution, this product is great for records that are not ready to archive. To keep letter- and legal-sized files in place, the shelves have a 3/8-inch incline and two bookends.

As you can see, WPSS has a wide range of solutions. Whether you need a mezzanine (work platform) system, industrial system, or something for record and file storage, we have the right product. To ensure your 100 percent satisfaction, all of our products are of the highest-quality materials and workmanship.

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