How robotic-friendly shelves make warehousing easier

May 5, 2020 10:12 am

Advances in technology and robotic systems are becoming more widespread throughout the world. Many companies see the advantages of having these systems in their warehouses, as they can often be more efficient and less likely to make errors. When it comes to commercial steel shelving, it is best to have a robotic friendly system so that the efficiency of operations becomes even better.

Robotics in The Warehouse
If you look at any large company that operates using warehouses, many have robots in place. Companies like Amazon rely on these systems to ensure that more products are processed in a shorter amount of time. These robotics tend to have extremely versatile capabilities, especially when maneuvering through warehouses and steel shelving systems.

Depending on the type of robotics that a warehouse has in use or is planning on using, the commercial steel shelving installed should be designed for easy access for robotics. As many of these robotics consist of machinery that can both maneuver around the warehouse and extend high up, the steel shelving systems can be tailored so that they can store more goods but still have a point of access for the robotics.

Warehouse Design Matters
If a warehouse is lacking the appropriate solutions to take care of the organization, it can wreak havoc on employee productivity. If a company uses robotics to heighten efficiency, they will need to tailor the design of their warehouse to take best advantage of this technology.

A warehouse may currently have commercial steel shelving that is low to the ground and spread out for traditional means of extraction, like humans or forklifts. When robotics are introduced, shelves can be higher, as robotics tend to be very capable of reaching heights. While a company is still going to want to make sure that the goods are not inaccessible to human workers, sections of the warehouse can be designated to steel shelving systems that are going to be exclusively accessed by robotics.

If you work with one of the top steel shelves manufacturers, WPSS, you can talk to them about a site visit to assess your needs before settling on a final storage solution design. Depending on the type of robotics that you have or plan on getting, the extent to how your warehouse changes will vary. You must specify the new installation’s desired location and the product types that will need to be accessed. With this information, they can tailor the design. After a consultation, they can start manufacturing.

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