How swing gates enhance job site safety

May 1, 2021 12:47 pm

In addition to the standard outfitting of a warehouse or manufacturing facility, there are many upgrades and extras that can be installed. Some of them help provide better access, others maximize usable space, and some are essential for additional safety.

One such integral upgrade is custom swing safety gates. This feature provides passive fall protection for personnel working at heights, reducing the risk of injury or worse outcomes. This upgrade is commonly installed to supplement the safety of conveyor crossover stairs, working platforms, crossover platforms, factory crossover stairs, rolling stairs, loading platforms and more.

Various Uses and Benefits of Custom Swing Safety Gates
Let’s talk about the settings swing gates can be used in and the key ways they enhance the work area and keep everyone safe.

Reducing Risk in Key Areas and Elevations
Whether it is a warehouse or another type of workspace, there will be areas that pose a higher risk of slips and falls. Those include rooftops, catwalks, ladder tops, elevated platforms and most other areas that have a level of elevation. Having custom swing safety gates in those places reduces the risk factor significantly and simply makes employees more comfortable and therefore more efficient.

Foot Traffic and Safety around Machinery
Mostly but not only applicable to manufacturing facilities and around conveyor crossover stairs, safety gates are essential to separate foot traffic from the moving machinery. In addition, safety gates are needed whenever factory crossover stairs are installed regardless if it is to bypass manufacturing machinery or other obstacles. Simply the fact of there being an elevation makes it prudent to install additional safety features.

Ladders and Elevators Access and Protection
Those two examples are when custom swing safety gates are absolutely essential as there is no fall protection otherwise. As employees take the ladder or elevator to access equipment or other items, this poses a safety hazard unless precautionary measures are put in place. In case of an elevator, the swing gate also prevents any items carried by it from falling over. This, in addition to a fall hazard, poses an even greater risk to workers that may find themselves underneath it.

Property Security and Access Restriction
In addition to being a valuable safety feature, swing gates can also serve as barriers to restricted areas, thus protecting equipment and wares from access by unauthorized personnel.

In summary, swing gates have a variety of uses and are a valuable and often essential addition to a workplace. This includes factories, warehouses, medical facilities, and much more.

For additional information regarding custom swing safety gates, their potential uses, customization options and cost, reach out to our experts.

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