How Tire Racks Contribute to Effective Space Management

April 20, 2020 2:21 pm

Tires are one of the more difficult products to store. They are bulky, heavy, only immobile on the side that takes up the most space horizontally, and they’re hard to make look organized. The most traditional way to store them is to stack them, but this can make the tires hard to access, cause safety issues if the tire stacks start to tilt, don’t look particularly good, and can even damage the tire over time. Tire stacks just aren’t particularly practical. This is why many  businesses that are looking for storage alternatives turn to commercial tire storage racks, an immediate improvement to the storage system of tires.

Commercial tire racks offer a number of features as convenient ways to store tires. They are an economic choice, being budget friendly and being made of heavy-duty materials which will do well in any warehouse environment and require little maintenance. But the largest benefit they offer is that they can store a large number of tires in a much smaller space than stacking. Tires of every variation in weight and size can be effectively stored in such a way that all safety and space concerns are no longer an issue. They are a fantastic tool for any space looking to store tires.

Tire racks also have several variations, each of which has a different focus in what it does best. There are passenger tire racks which can hold wheels for any sort of typical passenger car or truck, industrial tire racks which hold tires for shredders, harvesters, wheel loaders, and bulldozers, display tire racks which hold are great for showing off a small number of tires in a sales environment, and several other kinds, getting more niche as the requirements for them get more specific. All of these types of tires can change a great deal depending on the manufacturer, varying in size, material, shape, etc.. But the ultimate goal of safe and accessible storage of tires remains the same for all of these commercial tire racks.

At WPSS we offer a tire rack that has a number of helpful features. Our heavy-duty steel tire storage racks are available with two to six tiers of storage space, are tough enough to hold bulky tires yet aesthetically pleasing enough for the showroom, don’t lock tires in place so they can easily be removed while still staying securely, and can be easily added onto with additional units. Tire racks can add a great deal of utility to a storage space, and will make sure that tires are safe, secure, and even properly displayed.

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