How to Organize Commercial / Retail Shelving for Heavy Items

April 14, 2020 10:36 am

A disorganized warehouse wastes space, time and manpower, rendering any operation relying on it inefficient. However, navigating the variety of Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving, choosing the correct type and set up for the operation at hand, and managing it efficiently can be quite the task.

In this brief guide we will go over the primary considerations when organizing a warehouse and outfitting it with the right kind of Heavy Duty Commercial Shelving.

Dividing the Items by Scale
This may seem obvious, but it is overlooked surprisingly often when organizing a warehouse. Storing large items with small ones on the same Heavy Duty Storage Shelves will lead to an inefficient use of space and often to uneven weight distribution on the shelf surface.

It is best to divide the inventory by size and weight, designating a specific area to each and choosing just the right shelving for them. In some cases, when the space doesn’t allow for full separation into areas, rivet shelving can be used to allow for varying heights of shelves in the same Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving unit. This often allows the storage of larger and heavier items on the bottom shelves and higher shelves can be kept small to store smaller items and files.

Heavy Duty Commercial Shelving for Heavy Duty Items
Auto shops storing machinery and parts, as well as large drums with heavy liquids are recommended a specific low off the ground shelving for those large items.

A variety of steel heavy duty shelving can hold over 1,000 lbs. per unit and is used by auto shops that need to store large amounts of tires while adhering to rigid fire regulations.

Raised (mezzanine) work platforms can also help organize a warehouse by creating an elevated area for offices and files above platforms that would otherwise not be used for anything but traffic. The (mezzanine) work platform is a topic in its own right and will be discussed in far more detail in other articles.

Mobile Shelving Units for Sorting
When in need to store and organize small but heavy items such as paperwork, metal parts such as nuts and bolts and other types of hardware, Heavy Duty Commercial Shelving on wheels called the Accu-Wall can be a perfect solution.

Those are just a few of the primary options and considerations when organizing a storage facility. For more information feel free to explore WPSS and our products at

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