How to Properly Store Heavy Items in the Manufacturing Warehouse

April 12, 2020 10:45 am

Warehouses are key to manufacturing operations because they can store raw materials and finished products of any shape or size. If a manufacturer is involved in warehouse logistics, it is their responsibility to safely store items in various processing stages until it ends up in the customer’s hands.

Without proper warehouse storage ideas or a storage system in place, particularly for larger items, a manufacturing warehouse could be dangerous for employees. Improper storage of heavier items could also lead to the items getting damaged. The best way to organize a warehouse is by properly making use of heavy duty shelving. Consider the following best practices for a safe and most efficient way to store items on the heavier side.

  • Before the start of a work shift, conduct a quick tour of the warehouse to check for unsafe conditions.
  • Ensure the proper storage equipment is being used and safely installed, such as heavy duty shelving.
  • Always place heavier loads on lower or middle levels of heavy duty storage shelves.
  • Store long and heavy items on their side to prevent the risk of tipping.
  • Label all heavy storage items so materials can be more quickly located.
  • Keep heavier items properly tucked away for safe retrieval and transportation.

Work platforms (mezzanines) and vertical storage spaces
When a warehouse manager wants to maximize the use of vertical storage, it’s best to do this by strategically selecting which items get stored in the higher spots. As warehouses stand very tall, the empty vertical space can and should certainly be taken advantage of storage racks for heavy items. That being said, lighter items are more suited for vertical spaces for safety and retrieval purposes. Heavy duty storage shelves can be expanded vertically to add more storage for items that don’t need to be accessed as regularly. By making the most of every inch of space in a safe manner, significant results can be seen for storage of things in a warehouse.

Further, if considering a mezzanine platform, keep in mind that warehouses may want to utilize this space for lighter loads. A mezzanine platform can also make the perfect space for a processing area. No matter what, the mezzanine is sure to create more useful space beyond the square footage at the base of the warehouse. Additionally, this space can be used as office space for the workers if the former areas have been taken over as storage.

Heavy duty shelving makes for a great solution to any industrial space, particularly for storing heavier loads in manufacturing warehouses. Western Pacific Storage Solutions manufactures custom heavy duty storage shelves and equipment designed for large spaces. Visit their website to find out more about their industrial solutions.

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