How to Select Boltless Shelving for Warehouses

May 20, 2020 10:31 am

Boltless shelving is an excellent choice for a wide variety of general-purpose storage. The beauty of boltless steel shelving is that there’s no hardware required to assemble it. Rather, this system consists of rails and upright posts. To attach it, a professional industrial installation service (using a rubber mallet) only needs to snap the “buttons” located on the top rail into the post holes. The speed and efficiency of installation explain why boltless industrial shelving is ideal for warehouses.

Shelving Comes in Two Main Types

Boltless shelving comes in two standard types:

Longspan Boltless Shelving:
Longspan boltless shelving boasts a more rugged look and has greater weight capacities. It also has a longer span shelf.

Regular Boltless Steel Shelving:
On the other hand, regular boltless steel shelving has lower capacities and lacks the size advantage enjoyed by long-span boltless shelving. However, it’s still sturdier and more convenient than traditional metal shelving.

How To Choose Boltless Shelving:
Choosing the correct shelving is a multi-step process:

Consider Size of Unit
Western Pacific Storage Solutions shelving is custom engineered for every location and application in the U.S.

Decide on Shelf Decking
All boltless industrial shelving comes with materials needed—except for materials like particleboard for the actual shelf decks. While particleboard can be purchased through the manufacturer, it’s generally advised to buy it locally as it saves money on freight costs.

All boltless industrial shelving comes in a compact bundle for efficient and easy assembly. In fact, the only tool needed is a rubber mallet. Due to the unit’s rails, posts, and buttons, there’s no need for bolts, screws, or fasteners of any kind. On the contrary, assembly takes mere minutes for professionals.

Western Pacific Storage Solutions is a leading manufacturer of industrial shelving, as well as work platforms (mezzanines) and storage solutions. Their storage systems are tailor-made for warehouses as well as industrial spaces and can be modified to suit the particular storage needs of an environment.

To learn more about Western Pacific Storage Solutions boltless steel shelving or any of our other products, contact us today and speak to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.


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