How work platforms are beneficial to utilizing space in a warehouse

June 23, 2020 10:41 am

Warehouse spaces are often underutilized, which can lead to inefficient use, potentially causing negative consequences for both the warehouse owner and the business.

For instance, too little space can result in warehouse owners having to ship items out to make room for incoming items, reducing the warehouse owner’s margins.

Another example is when warehouse space is underutilized, inventory tends to pile up. This creates a cluttered environment, which is not only unpleasant but can also increase the likelihood that inventory will be damaged or lost.

A warehouse is a big place that can hold a ton of stuff. It can be a tough place to work, and one can see high levels of stress and anxiety among warehouse employees in some places. And yet, there is a way to make this space more productive and enjoyable: by using a work platform, sometimes called a mezzanine platform.

Work Platform (Mezzanine) Benefits

The work platforms, also incorrectly known as industrial mezzanines, provide an elevated workspace that delivers the following benefits

  • Increase in warehouse productivity and efficiency: Putting employees in a comfortable and ergonomic environment means they can focus and concentrate more on their tasks at hand. It allows them to utilize all of the available space without having to resort to inconvenient solutions, such as stacking or moving materials.
  • Increased warehouse safety: This space is designed to be ergonomic and safe even for the most strenuous of tasks, so employees are not at risk of injuring themselves while working in a poorly equipped environment. The work platforms also improve warehouse safety by preventing goods from being piled up or stacked all the way to the ceiling, making them safer to navigate around.
  • Products are visible and easy to access: With work platforms, products are more organized, accessible, and easier for employees to locate when needed.

Work Platform Systems

Work platform systems, erroneously called metal mezzanine systems, are a great option for people who need an efficient storage method that will give them a lot of usable space. A work platform (mezzanine) can be placed in warehouse areas, abandoned buildings, office spaces, and many other places to create a multi-level workspace. They offer easy access to all items stored on the second floor with just a quick ladder climb up or an automatic lift or with SureSTEP stairways.

A work platform (mezzanine) is also known for helping to increase safety throughout the workspace. They can provide extra storage space without clutter or boxes, while products are much easier for employees to find. This makes it less likely that important items will get lost, which could result in a major delay when fulfilling customer orders.

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