Incorporating steel shelving to revamp warehouse design

July 2, 2020 10:01 am

As a warehouse designer, specifying the right shelves to accommodate all needs and applications within a storage area can be a daunting task. Because shelving is an essential element of any warehouse, assigning the correct shelving according to a specific warehouse’s operations and function requires some careful consideration of the varied industrial shelving options.

Steel storage shelving is one exceptional option as it is durable and remarkable in capacity utilization. However, incorporating it into an established warehouse layout takes much prior research. So there are a few things to consider before revamping a warehouse with new industrial storage shelving.

Revamping a warehouse with such shelving significantly optimizes the entire operational logistics. More free space can be obtained by replacing the existing shelving with an improved steel storage shelving structural design. Due to its sturdy construction and engineering compatibility, multiple-level shelving can also be customized to optimize vertical and horizontal space. This dramatically increases capacity and productivity within the available space and frees up the critical floor area.

Steel Storage Shelving comes in different types for different storage and logistics needs.

For example, boltless steel shelving offers cost-effective solutions with four-sided open space to implement different inventory flow methods. For heavier products or multi-level storage needs, high-density steel storage shelving offers more shelf strength, higher weight capacity per square foot, and condensed storage. The strength of the shelves can be increased further according to needs by customizing the thickness of high-density steel in larger industrial storage systems. This variety in steel storage shelving provides solutions for every storage need, from industrial storage rooms to the largest distribution centers and warehouses.

Shelving storage systems need careful planning because While one can customize industrial steel shelving BEFORE it is installed, it is nearly impossible to customize AFTER it is installed, and would be cost prohibitive. It is also imperative to understand the types of products that are to be stored. For example, heavier and larger items need more room for loading and unloading. Once the shelving is customized. engineered and installed correctly, they will increase the storage capacity, inventory flow, and safety of the operation for which they were designed.

Due to its stronger and high-density steel material, complex structures can be designed to store heavier or larger products. Steel storage shelvingis a robust solution and can withstand damages and hazards that shelving systems made of other materials might not.

Once everything is considered, the correct application of shelving storage systems will help to achieve the desired results in storage space operations and logistics. It is always advisable to connect with an expert Material Handling consultant on how to incorporate steel storage shelvingto optimize a warehouse.

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