Increasing warehouse storage capacity with industrial shelving

July 11, 2020 10:13 am

Optimizing the available storage space in a warehouse plays a crucial role in the fulfillment of various storage needs. Whether a facility is full or not, an efficient layout makes it easy to run various operations with ease. As such, it’s important to invest in appropriate industrial shelving units.

With the installation of these industrial Storage Shelves, warehouses can maximize the space available in the facility. What’s more, this storage upgrade enables employees to provide more efficient fulfillment and thus optimize and scale up business operations. With that said, let’s do a deeper dive into increasing warehouse storage capacity with industrial shelving:

Importance of optimizing warehouse storage capacity
While the primary reason for optimizing a facility is to maximize the available space, there’s more to it. It improves the cleanliness of the storage facility and safety standards and enhances employees’ productivity. Further, when the inventories are well organized on industrial storage racks or shelving units, it’s easier to access them. And with the improved distribution and service, delivery processes are also enhanced.

Tips to increasing warehouse storage capacity with industrial shelving units

  • Maximize vertical space
    There are times when the square footage of the warehouse floor is at capacity and the only space left to expand is up. By engineering and incorporating higher levels of shelving, vertical space is added. And with the help of industrial storage shelves, sometimes incorrectly called industrial storage racks, storage systems can be built up rather than expanding your facility ‘out’ horizontally.
  • Proper storage shelving
    Every product comes with a specific manufacturer’s specification on the way to store it. As such, the kind of structure where it will be stored needs to be considered. Remember, some storage systems are designed to protect fragile products from damage or improve shelf life.
  • Shelves with optimal height
    One needs to consider the optimal height between the shelves that will suit the inventory. The dimensions of not only the shelving system itself but also of the products to be stored within it are important to engineering effective, customized, and fully optimized storage solutions.

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