Industrial Storage and Shelving Ideas That Will Amaze

May 29, 2018 10:25 am

Finding the right storage solutions for business can be frustrating. Looking for a way to store multiple products as well as having an easily accessible shelving unit is a lot trickier than many may think. With these storage shelving solutions ideas presented by storage professionals, your warehouse team will have greater versatility and an easier time figuring out how to store products.

Open Shelving Units
An open shelving unit is a universal way to solve any storage issue. These open designs can ensure easy stocking and retrieval from all sides. Due to the open shelving unit, these shelves are perfect for mobile storage or high-rise areas. Steel storage shelving systems that are open are far easier to adjust. These shelf adjustments are quick and can be moved by 1.5-inch increments. Since the shelves can be raised or lowered, they tend to be ideal for any bulky items that may require more space.

If too much weight is added to these units, your storage professional will suggest additional bracing. This can include inserting steel bars crossing each other to form the shape of an X, located on the back or sides of the unit.

Closed Shelving Units
Closed storage shelving solutions offer a boost in organization that you won’t get with any other storage system. They tend to be around the same shape as an open shelving unit, but they include a metal back and side panels to enclose the majority of the system. This ensures that everything stored in the unit is contained and kept in a neat and organized shelf.

The durability of these units is second to none. The enclosed shelves allow everything to stay in its place with no chance of falling. Their clean appearance allows them to be used in a front office setting. They can also be customized to match the decor in your office.

Bin Storage Units
Bin storage units utilize the full height of a space. Dividers allow for easy shelving customization. If you need a small shelf for only a few items like CDs or computer parts, most bin storage unit shelving dividers will be adjustable in 2-inch increments. That way you get the correct shelving size that you won’t be able to get with other shelving systems.

Multi-Level Storage Systems
If a big business, storage professionals will recommend a multi-level storage system. Steel shelving manufacturers have designed this type of system in order to create space for more storage as a business grows. The heavy-duty multi-level storage systems available at Western Pacific Storage Solutions are the best of the best. These systems are built to hold tons of products, pass all OSHA requirements and are long-lasting to ensure the unit is durable.

Discovering what storage units are out there can help provide business with the space it needs to expand. There are an endless amount of units available to help storage professionals narrow down selection. Whether it’s an open shelving unit, closed shelving unit, bin storage unit, or a multi-level storage system, every business will require a storage professional. An open shelving unit lets you easily reach and adjust the shelves by having the unit completely open whereas closed shelving is for both storage and design. The bin storage unit allows for even more adjustments and thrives in places where high ceilings are common. Lastly, multi-level storage systems are best for a growing business that knows it may need to expand in the near future. With all these considerations in mind, the perfect storage unit can be identified and recommended by storage professionals that will truly amaze your company.


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