Industrial Storage Shelves – Options for a Warehouse

September 11, 2014 1:48 pm

Although warehouses use industrial storage shelves, the exact type depends on several factors. When looking at industrial storage solutions, you want a product that fits the budget and flow of the business.

With a wide range of designs, styles, sizes, and materials, choosing the right industrial storage shelves is often a daunting task. To simplify your search, look for shelves that are strong, durable, versatile, and easy for your installers to install.

Steel Shelving
Steel storage shelving is popular. Whether you need industrial storage shelves for a retail store or warehouse, steel is a viable choice. This material is cost-efficient, durable, robust, and strong. Because this type of shelving can be organized as a traditional floor unit or as a high-rise system for larger warehouse storage shelves, it best suits small products or those with carton storage.

While a nut-and-bolt setup is one possibility, you should consider the clip style. Compression clips allow for shelf height adjustment while providing a stable foundation to store heavy materials. Clips are easier to manipulate and adjust without tools than nuts and bolts are.

Rivet Shelving
Rivet shelving is among the best industrial storage solutions. Designed without clips and bolts, this shelving is easy to assemble. Capable of storing heavier objects, these shelves are ideal for larger-scale warehouses. As for the actual shelf material, most choose steel, some choose wire or particleboard. This industrial shelving solution endures fluctuating temperatures and is easier to adjust than other shelving options.

Clipless Shelving
Many professionals choose clipless industrial warehouse storage shelves. The shelves are usually made with particleboard and steel bracing. Easy to install and lightweight, these versatile storage shelves hold between 500 and 700 pounds.

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