Insights on Maintenance of Industrial Shelving Units in Offices

February 1, 2017 7:06 pm

Industrial shelving units used in an office environment for a warehouse, manufacturing plant, distribution center, and other similar businesses, are somewhat different from industrial steel shelving used on the work floor. For instance, an industrial shelf used to hold parts/components, equipment, and machinery on the work floor is going to be exposed to more dirt and debris than shelving in an office.

In addition, work floor industrial shelving units can sometimes be unsightly; even when well-organized, to an outsider they appear somewhat chaotic. Another difference is that, in some cases, used industrial/commercial shelving units are chosen for the floor, whereas new shelving is used in an office setting. Regardless of whether you are interested in a freestanding industrial wall shelving unit or a shelving system, being in an office, this is something that outside visitors will see.

Industrial steel shelving used in an office has to be presentable to ensure that, when vendors, suppliers, executives from the home office, and current or potential customers visit, they enter an environment that looks professional. An industrial shelf used for office purposes must be well-organized and also clean, making proper maintenance essential. Fortunately, when you purchase the right type of shelving system, this is something that can be done quickly, yet efficiently.

Make sure that you start by purchasing a high-quality product. When you go with industrial office shelving made from a high grade of steel that is coated for added protection, maintenance requires nothing more than an occasional dusting.

If you have had the shelves for a while and, although still in great condition, you notice a few areas of rust, this is an easy fix: You can try using steel wool, a wire bristle brush, or sandpaper to remove the buildup of rust. Vinegar is another remedy that works well. For this, pour vinegar on a rag and then rub the rust area. There are also several commercial products proven to be highly effective.

If you purchase new industrial steel shelving, ask about having a protective coat applied. If you notice any loose or damaged parts/components for your commercial grade shelving units, simply call the company you made the purchase from to get replacements.

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