Joe Cascio, new Senior Vice President of Sales will also oversee Estimating at Western Pacific Storage Solutions

May 2, 2023 11:20 am

WPSS CEO Tom RogersSAN DIMAS, CA – Western Pacific Storage Solutions’ ( has created its newest position of Senior VP of Sales, promoting from within to advance efficiency on many levels.  Therefore, we invited one of our strongest industry-facing managers, Joe Cascio, to advance sales and estimating leadership so that you will feel and see a more positive impact when you initiate a project with Western Pacific.  I am pleased to announce the promotion of Joe into this role.

Cascio has been with WPSS for the past 13 years, serving as Regional Sales Manager for the Midwest where he was instrumental in helping to drive the company’s growth.  Now, Cascio will hand over the region to long-time business associate, Tim True, who is taking over the Midwest territory as Cascio transitions to the new national role of manager of WPSS’ sales team.  Now, Cascio will spend more time focused on helping support your growth.

Joe Cascio

Cascio, a New York native, has been residing in Kalamazoo, MI for the past two decades with his wife of 38 years, Dianne, with whom he has three children and three grandchildren. For over forty years, Cascio has been involved in various roles within the material handling profession, including serving as VP of Sales before joining the Western Pacific team, affording him the leadership capabilities needed to excel in this position.

During Cascio’s time as WPSS’ Midwestern Sales Manager, he increased sales by an impressive 79% within the region, a testament to his hard work and dedication to the company’s mission. Now, Cascio is ready to bring his extensive understanding of the industry together with his knowledge of Western Pacific’s products and customers to help customers and the company continue in their upward growth and success as the new Senior VP of Sales.

As CEO Tom Rogers remarks, Joe has always been a top performer and a great asset to the team. He has a deep understanding of the industry, our customers, and our products, and he always puts clientsneeds first. We are excited to see him take on this new challenge and bring Western Pacific into a positive new phase that Im sure will be generative for all.”

In his role as Senior Vice President of Sales, Cascio will oversee both the sales team and the estimating department, which was previously under the engineering department. According to Cascio, bringing estimating under the sales team will allow estimating to be more closely involved with customers and better understand their needs. He explains, “My goal is to work closely with customers to understand their unique requirements and prepare proposals that are accurate, timely, and competitive.”

This will be a significant change in the organization and one designed to directly impact more efficient throughput of project initiation from our customers.

Cascio’s promotion is a testimony to his commitment to Western Pacific. The company congratulates him on his well-deserved promotion and is confident that his leadership, expertise, and passion for excellence will continue to drive WPSS’ success and that of our customers.

~President & CEO Tom Rogers

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