Latest Trends in the Storage and Shelving Market

January 19, 2019 7:13 pm

The possibilities are endless as the storage and shelving market has exploded over the last decade. More companies are deciding to switch to these solutions to maximize floor space in their warehouses. The latest trends are always building higher, becoming safer and boosting productivity. In a business environment, stress levels can become high, which leads to costly mistakes. Check out how these latest trends are helping industrial mezzanines (platforms) and other shelving units grow in popularity.

Switching Over 
The shelving market is becoming a trend as companies are including shelving into their warehouses to enhance warehouse efficiency. When most people are looking for a solution to their storage problems, they tend to believe that purchasing more property or building bigger is the way to go. These can be extremely costly, disruptive to work schedules, and end up not creating that much more space.

Instead, businesses have started to use storage mezzanine platforms. They are designed to create minimal disruptions, but still maintain your facility’s productivity, even while being installed. You won’t have to sit through time-consuming renovations that add up to be more costly than planned. Shelving units can be installed in a fraction of the time for 30 percent of the cost of renovations.

The shipping industry is a stressful market, as the more products that leave the door the better. Industrial mezzanines(platforms) help achieve that goal. These engineered platforms provide faster and more cost-effective ways to deal with the pressure of shipping.

Safety First
Upgrading systems means more risks for employees everywhere. Workers must be updated on the new mezzanine platform system being installed so they can stay safe. There are several upgrades you can even choose to add in order to make them even safer for employees to use. These can include adding safety gates to prevent potential falls and safely transfer materials from point A to point B.

Multi-Level Platforms
More and more companies are starting to use multi-level platforms that create additional storage space. These storage mezzanine platforms are often preferred as they can make better use of the warehouse’s higher space, as well as create a faster shipping process. Orders can be processed in a much easier manner than before with quick modules. This helps companies with two and three-day shipping, which is necessary today to have a fighting chance to stay in the game.

At Western Pacific Storage Solutions, we have multiple industrial mezzanines for you to choose from. These two-level work platforms are the perfect storage system you need to maximize the potential of your warehouse. Contact us today to find out more information about how you can get your hands on our mezzanines for your company.

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