Large Shelving System helps book distribution center systematize inventory and leverage space

May 2, 2023 12:55 pm

Midwest Book Depository chooses WPSS for freight advantage and versatility  

Large shelving systemBefore opening a 2.4 million square foot distribution center, it was critical for one book depository business to find the right equipment to leverage overhead space, de-clutter inventory, and create a more intuitive system of classification and categorization for tens of thousands of books and records.  Considering many industrial shelving manufacturers, recent bottlenecks and delays in orders, they were having trouble finding a shelving solution that could be delivered within their timeframe. And quick turnaround was top priority.

WPSS had the freight advantage and material means to expedite the manufacturing and shipping process. WPSS designed and engineered the first phases of the system to accommodate vertical expansion by adding a future second storage level for future inventory growth without incurring additional engineering expense. Once the second level is completed, the customer will have over 4,000 high bays, allowing the end-user to greatly expand future useable space and create individual sections for streamlined sorting and storage.

Optimize large shelving systemMade of industrial-grade cold roll steel, Deluxe shelving systems can accommodate various shelf-loading requests from light weight product to heavy load requirements.

Deluxe shelving is also versatile. At the end-users request, installers easily changed shelf heights and positions, without compromising stability or load capacity. And owing to Deluxe’s 1” vertical shelf adjustability, the end-user modified compartment dimensions to fit diverse and ever-changing storage needs.

Importantly, this large structure was delivered in their timeframe, as promised. With such an unrivaled turnaround time and quality engineering, the end-user made a second investment in an identical Deluxe system for their Texas facility.

With WPSS, the book depository was able to procure the total package: quality industrial shelving, delivered on time. If you are looking to optimize your storage space and create coherence in your warehousing — on your schedule — contact your WPSS regional manager today.


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