Maximize Storage Space with the Most Effective Industrial Shelving

August 10, 2015 9:23 am

Shelving has been known to greatly improve storage space for warehouses that deal with medium to small parts. But how do you know if you have the right shelving to maximize your storage space? Finding the right system to better improve space for storage is imperative in warehousing. By combining different storage media, warehouses can improve their space utilization and be provided with increased storage. Identifying which items would best be placed on shelving will, in turn, lead the professionals with whom you are working to specify the most appropriate heavy-duty steel shelving.

What Will Be Placed on the Shelves?
Figuring out how to get the most appropriate shelving to maximize storage space begins and ends with the items that need to be shelved. Not only does the size of the warehouse affect the amount of needed storage, but the items themselves have specific space requirements (such as clothing VS heavy tools VS packaged liquids, etc.). The weight of the merchandise that most heavy-duty storage shelves can hold is around 350 to 1,000 pounds. Working with space-planning professionals who are well acquainted with industrial storage media can help an operation maximize the space being used for storage almost instantly.

The Most Appropriate Size
Determining the most effective size of heavy-duty commercial shelving needed all depends the use of the shelving. As previously mentioned, durability is key.  Shelving that holds thousands of pounds and that is customizable can only be found in the industrial shelving genre. Knowing this, the correct choice of heavy-duty shelving will maximize the space in a smaller warehouse, back room or large distribution center.

On the other hand, if you’re running a large operation that relies upon heavy-duty storage shelves for storing merchandise and products with efficiency, then you may need something larger. High shelving that you can only reach with a forklift or multi-level shelving are easy ways to build higher without having to compromise on the floor space. You’ll be able to have more storage available by simply building upward. Being able to add to height and maximize the minimal amount of footprint you have is a win in any company’s book.

At Western Pacific Storage Solutions you’ll be able to find all your heavy-duty steel shelving needs in one place. They have several different storage options that can fit any area regardless of size and maximize available space.


Maximizing space is the goal of all warehouses and distribution centers, small or large. There are always new products coming in and new products going out. Being able to maximize the space of your warehouse with shelving will leave you with more room than you thought was imaginable. If the business is small, simply adding open unit shelving to a back room will enable putting more products on a shelf to clear clutter and create new space somewhere else in the warehouse.  Or you can put one type of product on the shelving while other types of products go elsewhere. A large warehouse operation thrives on using storage shelving to help make their logistics run smoother. This is in part due to the fact that a larger operation needs more storage. This is when catwalks or multi-level shelving can come into play. These shelves will not only maximize space but also allow a warehouse to run more efficiently than ever before.

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