Maximize the Storage Capacity Through Industrial Shelving Solutions

April 6, 2020 9:07 am

In order to maximize space in almost any warehouse, ndustrial adjustable shelving unit are an important addition to the storage mix. You need a reliable heavy-duty solution to storing equipment, products and parts. A proper system in place will help maintain organization, increase productivity, maximize space, manage inventory, and solve any problems you may have in the future. Heavy-duty storage shelves are a must-have for any business that wants to succeed.

Rivet Shelving
Rivet shelving is an extremely strong storage shelving unit compared to some other materials. It’s also one of the most versatile storage units available. Rivet shelving can hold some of the highest capacities of any shelving on the market. From only a handful of parts, you can create a heavy-duty industrial shelving unit that can hold close to 2,000 pounds every shelf. With a professional crew, they are easy to assemble, accessible and have adjustable shelves to raise or lower every 1-inch. It’s known to be one of the least expensive options as well. When cost effective storage units are need, rivet shelving is probably the way to go.

Steel Shelving
Steel shelving is highly flexible and great for heavy-duty needs. Open and closed shelving units tend to fall into this category. Whether you need to have easy access to parts, or if keeping your items secure is a necessary objective, steel heavy-duty commercial shelving can assist. Despite being more expensive than rivet shelving, steel shelving offers functions that other shelving types cannot.

Metal shelving can also come with a variety of different configurations, including adjustable warehouse shelving, and bin dividers. Other heavy-duty storage shelves may not have this same ability. The versatility of steel shelving is unmatched and because of the multiple accessories at your fingertips, professionals will be able to maximize space according to a company’s needs with ease.

Box Shelving
Box shelving is durable heavy-duty commercial shelving. These shelves can handle high capacities and can be used for numerous applications within industries. These can include distribution, storage, retail spaces, and commercial adjustable shelving systems. There are multiple types of box shelving units that can include wheels, spill containment, and bins to really customize what type of system you may need. With the versatility box shelving offers, you’ll be able to maximize the space of any storage area.

Western Pacific Storage Solutions can work with any professional storage expert to identify almost any storage system to match a company’s needs. Whether looking for something small, or more versatile shelving units, Western has numerous storage options available that will maximize almost any space.

Being able to maximize the space of any storage area is key to running a successful business. Businesses need an organized area that not only acts as a warehouse, but where they can easily complete inventory, send out products, and store items efficiently. By using rivet, steel, or box shelving, professionals will be able to easily maximize any industrial storage space. Each of these materials offers its own advantages. Rivet shelving is cost-effective and extremely durable to very large capacities. Steel shelving is the most versatile of the bunch and includes its own accessories that only leads to more versatility. Box shelving is another option that has easy customization options available. Each shelving system is designed to improve the space your company has to work with. You may only need a small industrial storage solution right now. By having all of these options, storage experts can better choose which is the best.

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