Maximize Warehouse Layout for Easy Storage of Inventory

June 6, 2019 10:20 pm

What can one do when increasing inventory outpaces warehouse capacity? A growing company is an exciting prospect but can also bring added stress if such growth results in not having enough storage space for all a company’s products and supplies. Luckily, there are several warehouse layout options, including the use of industrial mezzanines, that will create the ideal storage solution.

Here are several ways that mezzanine storage systems can improve a warehouse layout and maximize storage capabilities.

Ample Design Flexibility
It is a myth that the use of a mezzanine will limit warehouse design options. Storage mezzanine platforms feature wider spans, which means fewer columns. Using this solution, one has more design opportunities as well as added space for all of a company’s storage and material handling needs.

At Western Pacific Storage Solutions, there are three types of industrial mezzanines available to best meet a company’s inventory needs.

Freestanding: A freestanding platform provides ample storage space beneath the platform. The space beneath the platform can be utilized as desired.

Shelving-Supported: A rack- or shelving-supported mezzanine features numerous shelves for inventory.

Pre-engineered: This type of work platform features pre-configured components to meet the uniform loading capacity.

Specific Product Storage
When industrial mezzanines are employed within a warehouse, square footage is increased, thus creating additional space for inventory as well as providing storage flexibility. For example, one could store specific products, materials, or categories in this area, such as a company’s most fragile items or those that are used most often. Multiple stairways can be designed and installed in this area to best meets the storage needs for these specific items.

Improved Efficiency
When a warehouse is overloaded, it becomes difficult to find certain items, productivity decreases, and a company’s success is hindered. By utilizing mezzanine storage systems to improve the layout and storage of a company’s inventory, it becomes much easier to find certain items. The architects/design engineers can design storage with multiple access points, making it simple to grab and find whatever is specified or needed.

Additionally, choosing storage mezzanine platforms enables a company to save money and resources by maximizing existing space rather than building or acquiring additional warehouse space elsewhere.

At Western Pacific Storage Solutions, we have the storage mezzanine platforms and the storage solutions that you need for inventory. You’ll save the headaches of hard-to-find or handle inventory, and of having employees’ productivity suffer. Contact us today to learn more about our storage solutions.

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