Merits of installing a work platform (mezzanine) to expand a warehouse

June 12, 2020 11:32 am

When a warehouse experiences a lack of shelving space, it’s time to upgrade the shelving systems to keep the warehouse in a safe operating state. The options include expanding the footprint of a warehouse, or adding more space in the form of a work platform, sometimes incorrectly referred to as a mezzanine platform.

Adding an industrial work platform (mezzanine) is a great way to utilize available storage opportunities in the higher areas of a warehouse. This method maximizes the building’s space. A work platform system is efficient and relatively quick to be installed by professionals, especially when compared with the time required to build a new warehouse.

The raised floor of a work platform system, sometimes incorrectly called a metal mezzanine system, is just as robust as the warehouse floor. It is made from steel, a strong and durable material that can withstand heavy loads. The work platform (mezzanine) can be an attractive and practical addition. It can be used as an additional storage area, as a place to put equipment, or even as additional office space. The use of an industrial work platform, incorrectly an industrial mezzanine, greatly expands the capability of a warehouse.

Other accessories can be added to the system to increase its functionality. These include safety rails and barriers, access points such as stairs and ramps, and also items such as conveyors.

If a warehouse’s needs continue to outgrow the space of the work platform (mezzanine), the platform space can be expanded again, thanks to the modular and scalable nature of the system.

There are multiple types of structures and support systems that can be used in the warehouse. Some systems require the use of support posts. Before choosing this option, be sure to look into how the posts will affect the flow and function of the warehouse. They may need to be placed in high-traffic areas, which may not be ideal. If this is the only option, the warehouse could also be reconfigured to accommodate the new structure better.

Another option is to use beams to support the structure. Successfully implementing this solution requires careful planning. It may also require reconfiguring the existing shelf layout.

Consult Professionals
When deciding on a solution, the best option is to consult with a company that is experienced with installing these types of structures. An experienced firm’s engineers will be able to recommend the best option for the warehouse’s space and needs. They will have the expertise to know which option is best for short-term and long-term needs. This way, the warehouse layout will meet needs for years to come.

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