SureSTEP work platform (mezzanine) storage system enhances Texan Public Utility Warehouse

April 20, 2021 8:29 am

SureSTEP stairsA local dealer specializing in material handling was contracted to help a public utility company in western Texas optimize their warehouse space.

The goal was to expand and organize the useable square footage of the warehouse by building a work platform that could store electrical components and documents for the city’s power facility. The storage system needed to be both durable and versatile, with the capacity to house a diverse set of items – such as copy machines, filing systems for hard-copy records, printers, and heavy electrical equipment.

With years of experience in material handling, the dealer knew they could count on Western Pacific for the job. The WPSS SureSTEP work platform storage system was a perfect solution for the end-user’s particular specs.

For the project, WPSS manufactured a (40’ x 50’) shelving-supported SureSTEP work platform (mezzanine).

Industrial Shelving UnitsWith its rigid frame construction and high-strength steel components, the SureSTEP structure could sustain the heavy loads of the electrical equipment on its upper-level. This in turn allowed the bottom floor to be reserved for shelving units, where important documents and smaller components could be stored. WPSS’ SureSTEP stairs and a lift gate were added as a finishing touch, to ensure better and safer accessibility to the upper deck.

Industrial Structures storage systemsWith the platform’s easy-bolt connections and light-weight material, the dealer was able to expediently install the work platform (mezzanine). The installation job was superb and the end-user was happy with the results. Because of the ease of this collaboration, the dealer solicited Western Pacific to work with them on future projects for the same utility company.

If your company is similarly interested in optimizing its storage space, contact us today to talk about how our SureSTEP work platform (mezzanine) storage systems could be the right solution for you.


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