Most sought after retail applications in Metal Shelving

April 2, 2020 4:39 pm

Industrial metal shelves have a wide range of applications, going far beyond the conventional use in large supply chain storage facilities. While other alternatives have been introduced in recent years, this type of shelving remains one of the most reliable and sought-after solutions in today’s market.

While prices vary, metal shelving is usually superior in durability and versatility to most comparable options available. Here are a few of the most common uses of metal storage shelves in retail spaces.

Storage of Heavy Wares
Being far more sturdy than plastic or other materials, industrial metal shelves have a weight capacity that makes them perfect for storing extremely heavy items. A storage space can be doubled or tripled in size by stacking heavy wares upwards and the metal shelves are the perfect solution for this.

Documents and Paperwork
While this is not exactly intuitive, paper is heavy. It makes sense of course, it being made of wood. Stacked together, documents can have a dangerously high compound weight and storing them on anything other than metal storage shelves can be risky.

Refrigerated Storage Units
Wire metal storage shelves are widely used in temperature-controlled environments, including refrigerators and server rack rooms in IT departments. Plastics may become brittle in such environments, while metal shelves retain their integrity and allow for flow-through air circulation, resulting in far less condensation build up.

Food Storage Rooms
Most kitchens and food storage facilities use industrial metal shelves, wire shelves specifically. The air flow they allow keeps food fresh for longer, keeping it accessible. Those shelves are also far easier to keep clean and sanitized, a bonus in the food industry.

Retail Display Shelves
Similarly to the needs of food storage being met by metal shelves, retail also needs the items kept fresh and presentable. Metal shelving achieves both goals with ease with its air flow and clean look.

Industrial Chemical Storage
Plastics and other materials are more likely to be affected by hazardous or strong materials, while metal industrial shelving is least likely to deteriorate from their effects. Any warehouse or business storing corrosive products will obviously favor metal shelves for this reason alone. The other reason relates to the first point of this article, making the metal shelves even more suitable for this purpose. Drums filled with liquids tend to be extremely heavy. The storage of such containers is usually limited to floor level, unless metal industrial shelving is installed.

This covers most popular cases of metal storage shelving use but of course there are many more applications for this cost effective and extremely versatile solution.

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