Multistory Warehouses

June 10, 2018 8:54 pm

When businesses have trouble finding appropriate land to build a storage warehouse, they may still be in luck. Multistory warehouses are finding new ground and making it more effective and efficient for companies to store their products. When it comes to the development of multistory warehouses, there are some variables that make them more popular and economical in certain places rather than others. These include cities that have a high population density, tight market conditions that require last-mile fulfillment developments and fulfillment buildings, and a strong e-commerce presence.

What Makes a Warehouse Multistory?
In general, these types of storage facilities have two or more floors of storage space that can be utilized. The various floors are accessed either by ramps or lifts, and there are often industrial storage solutions, including industrial metal shelves, in place to keep the area organized. It may be possible to create a multistory warehouse that utilizes industrial metal shelving without needing ramps or lifts to access the products stored there. Talking to a designer and finding the best solution for the company to meet their industrial storage systems needs is prudent.
With the increase in land prices, having smaller but taller warehouses that use metal industrial shelving to store goods can be quite beneficial. It will mean warehouses can have a smaller building footprint, which takes up less land (and requires less money to purchase the land), but doesn’t compromise on space.

Best Markets for This Type of Warehouse
Currently, it is believed that the markets that could benefit the most from this type of warehouse include New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, and Chicago. With large population densities and a strong e-commerce presence, having warehouses set up with industrial shelving systems could be highly advantageous.
If your business already has a warehouse but needs to expand the amount of space that can be used, you may need to look into multistory. Using industrial storage shelves that have the capacity to hold multiple items and various weights can be a great way to make the most out of the storage space you already own. Finding cost-effective and efficient ways for a business to store products is advancing. With the price of land increasing, finding a way to reduce that financial burden may require smaller but taller warehouses stocked with industrial shelving units.

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