NAPA Auto Parts distribution center’s new custom storage design helps grow the business

January 8, 2021 10:31 am

Heavy Duty Shelving SystemWhen NAPA Auto Parts decided to build a new NAPA storefront and regional parts distribution center in Chicago, Illinois, they recognized the need for help to polish the DC design and identify the best shelving solution.

The finalized plan for the NAPA storage system was ambitious — touting an infrastructure of 85 by 95 feet that included two levels, two landing areas, four stairways, and 48-inch bays. Though the assignment was complex, independent systems integrator RMH System’s extensive experience in workspace ergonomics allowed them to quickly determine the most qualified equipment for the job: Western Pacific Storage Solutions’ Deluxe Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving System.

Versatile and durable design forHeavy Duty Storage Shelves customizable and reliable solutions
With the Deluxe Shelving System’s wide-selection of adjustable heavy-duty storage shelves and post configurations, NAPA Auto Parts was able to tailor their warehousing and distribution solutions for auto parts storage to their unique automotive parts shelving system specifications. These customized features included: their desired storage footprint, expandable shelving, tunnels for fork truck access, large bay dimensions exceeding the standard 36-inch maximum, and aesthetic flourishes such as the use of the signature NAPA blue for the shelving color.

Real-time collaboration
WPSS not only offered turnkey shelving technology for NAPA warehouse, but also hands-on assistance throughout each step of the process — from sales and design, to fabrication and shipping.
Industrial Shelving Solutions
Whenever a problem arose or help was needed, WPSS was there. Because of this quality assistance, WPSS and RMH Systems were able to proficiently work together to meet deadlines and streamline project execution. As a result, NAPA Auto Parts was able to secure the enduring, customized auto parts storage solution they needed to optimize auto parts storage system of their new NAPA distribution center and grow their business.

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