Nutritional manufacturer uses SureSTEP work platform (mezzanine) to expand operations

February 24, 2021 4:48 pm

Jelly Bears VitaminsAt the start of 2020, the dealer for a high-end nutritional company sought out Western Pacific Storage Solution’s help to optimize the space of two new California facilities.

As a large-scale manufacturing company making chocolate and gummy supplements, they needed work platforms (mezzanines) that could support heavy equipment and keep their growing number of employees safe.

WPSS had the perfect solution for the job: the high-strength steel SureSTEP work platform (mezzanine).

A work platform (mezzanine) with first-class durability and flexibility
The SureSTEP work platform (mezzanine), as its name implies, is made for this type of large-scale production. One of the main benefits of the SureSTEP mezzanine is its rigid frame construction, which allows for stronger connections and wider spans. This increased strength in turn diminishes the need for supportive columns and allows for optimum useable space on the ground floor.

Work PlatformsThe Structural design was implemented for both platforms, due to its especially resilient load-bearing capacities. This extra structural strength was favored to better ensured that the mezzanines could support the company’s heavy industrial equipment, as well as effectively safeguard against seismic impact. This latter detail was important to the customer, seeing as both facilities were in earthquake-vulnerable zones.

Industrial MezzaninesDouble the challenge
Though these work platforms (mezzanines) were simple in design, they were a challenge to execute. This is because these manufacturing facilities were expansive and required platforms (mezzanines) — around 50 x 50 square feet, or 2,500 square feet for each storage system. This is almost double the size of the standard SureSTEP work platforms (mezzanines), which are usually 1,500 square feet.

The entire process took around two to three months to complete for each platform. Thankfully, Western Pacific’s high-strength steel is lightweight, allowing the customer to save money on shipping and installation costs.

In the end, the customer was very happy with the results. In fact, they were so pleased with the finished product that they contracted Western Pacific to manufacture more work platforms (mezzanines) for their other facilities.

Your Regional Sales Manager

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