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The constant need for increased storage drives some companies to expand their industrial storage shelving facilities to multiple warehouse locations, resulting in excessive operating costs per square foot of storage. As a leading industrial storage shelves manufacturers, we offer high density commercial and industrial steel shelving, industrial storage racks and shelves.

Installing cost-effective Pacific double-deck industrial steel storage shelving units with a grated catwalk between aisles, enables companies to move up, not out. These robust industrial engineered high density commercial and industrial steel shelving systems are the perfect solution to your expansion needs.

By utilizing available vertical space, storage areas can be significantly condensed, thus containing operating costs and freeing up critical floor space.

To fulfill the specific requirements of our clients, we provide a comprehensive selection of industrial and commercial metal shelving. Our industrial shelving units are ideal for heavy storage in factories, warehouses, and other industrial environments because they are durable and long-lasting. Whether a facility requires a straightforward shelf unit or a more intricate commercial storage shelves, we have the knowledge and resources to offer you the ideal option.

Let the skilled team at Western Pacific Storage Solutions help you design a cost-effective steel storage shelving solution to meet your growing demands.

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Once again your customer service people have gone above and beyond to make things happen for me, and in turn, make me (and WPSS) look good to my customer.

Tim Free
Granite Distribution

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“Everything was smooth sailing—that’s why we like working with Western—No matter the size job, we use Western Pacific from Alaska to Indiana—just everywhere.”

Thanks, Josh Elgan
Project Manager Conveyor & Storage Solutions

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Your customer service people are fantastic and that we truly appreciate their efforts to always help us – they are a huge reason we continue to do business with WPSS.

Thanks, Josh Elgan
Project Manager Conveyor & Storage Solutions

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I know your team went beyond to get this to us during the holiday. We can’t thank you enough for the great service.

Angela Glenn
The Institute for Advanced Practices in Advertising

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Re our Irvine project, the material looked great, and the delivery was perfect. The install went smoothly and without a hitch. Thanks again for the quick response and the excellent delivery (2 weeks!) on this project. You helped us look great.

Thanks again, Marco A. Garcia
Warehouse Equipment, Inc.

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