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Pacific Clip Shelving

Pacific Clip Shelving

1.   sliding divider
2.   full shelf divider
3.   angle divider
4.   slide away braces
5.   back sway braces
6.   closed base strip
7.   label holder
8.   end panel
9.   back panel
10. bin front
11.  shelf clip
12. foot plate

Post Designs

  • 1.5” vertical shelf adjustability
  • All posts roll formed of heavy gauge steel
  • Adaptable to all storage arrangements
  • Heights available in 1-piece lengths up to 18’

Pacific Angle Post

Angle Post
  • 13 gauge steel
  • Our most popular style
  • Stiffening offset rib
  • Manufactured for seismic applications
  • Always used as rear posts in combination with other posts
  • Shelf opening or width is reduced by 2″

Delta Post

Delta Post
  • 13 gauge steel
  • Double-sided design with independent shelf positioning—ideal as common posts between multiple units
  • Maximum weight-bearing capacity for heavy-duty and multilevel applications
  • Unobstructed shelf access
  • Shelf slips in and out without tilting, which speeds up installation and rearrangement

Pacific Beaded Post

Beaded Post
  • 14 gauge steel
  • Double-sided design with independent shelf positioning is ideal for common posts between multiple units
  • Perfect for heavy applications like record storage, seismic applications, and multilevel systems
  • Save space and material on multilevel systems by using the High Rise Post on the first level, and splicing a beaded post above
  • Shelf access is reduced by 2″

Shelf Types

Pacific Class 0

Class 0
  • 20 gauge metal
  • For light loads
  • No reinforcements

Pacific Class 1B

Class 1B
  • 18 gauge metal
  • For normal to medium loads
  • 1” x 1/8” bar in front flange

Pacific Class 2B

Class 2B
  • 18 gauge metal
  • For medium to heavy loads
  • 1” x 1/8” bar in front and rear flanges

Pacific Class 1

Class 1
  • 18 gauge metal
  • For normal loads
  • No reinforcements

Pacific Class 1A

Class 1A
  • 18 gauge metal
  • For medium loads
  • 1” x 1” x 1/8” angle in front

Pacific Class 2A

Class 2A
  • 18 gauge metal
  • For heavy loads
  • 1” x 1” x 1/8” angle in front and rear flangest

Multi-Level Systems

Engineered to meet or exceed all OSHA, IBC and seismic requirements, catwalk systems make use of wasted overhead space while minimizing utility costs. Engineered calculations and stamped drawings for permit applications are available.




  • Made to IBC and OSHA specifications
  • Available in knock-down or all welded
  • Open and closed risers
  • Handicap end loops available—welded or KD as required




  • Standard or public access
  • End of aisle
  • Gates lift out, swing, and slide


Double Return

Standard Return / Double Return

  • Sold as knock-down unit
  • 3 rail guardrail included Decking is 9” metal plank
  • C-channel frame with 4 columns
  • Landings over 12’ tall include center strut bracing
  • Stairs over 12’ tall require an intermediate landing
Deckover Options

Deckover Options

  • 3/4” or 1 1/8” Deck Pak over B Deck Bar
  • Grating
  • Grating Pak
  • Plank—Pak
  • Diamond Plate

Clip Shelving

Shelf Construction

  • Shelves are 18 gauge, except Class 0, which are 20 gauge
  • All shelves are double flanged on sides and triple flanged front and rear
  • Tops are punched on 2” centers for adjustment of dividers
  • Front and rear faces are punched for label holders, angle sway braces, and reinforcing bars and angles
  • Note: reinforcing bars and angles are sold separately and installed at customer location
Clip Shelving

Shelf Clip

  • Designed for easy installation and repositioning on 1 1/2” centers
  • Formed of heavy gauge steel for maximum weight bearing capability

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