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Open and Closed Steel Bin Shelving Units

Pacific shelving: it never met a situation it couldn’t handle

Pacific Shelving offers the versatility of interchangeable components for all open and closed steel shelving units, the option of assembling with bolts and nuts rather than clips, and a selection of front post styles. Starter and adder models are available in most sizes.

Open Shelving Units

The Pacific Open Unit Shelf Solution: The strength beneath demanding bulk storage. Open metal shelving units is the universal answer, solving any basic storage problem with ease.

  • Open design ensures easy stocking and retrieval
  • Compression clip provides bolt-free assembly; also makes shelf adjustments quick and easy
  • Sway braces on rear and sides provides ultimate stability
  • Ideal for bulky or packaged items
  • Shelves adjustable in 1 1/2” increments
  • Seismic applications may require additional structural bracing
  • Ideal for high-rise or mobile storage
Pacific Shelving open units
Pacific Closed Unit

Closed Shelving Units

The Pacific Closed Unit Shelf Solution: Boosting organization, with containment and cleanliness.

  • Same as Open Units with added metal back and side enclosing panels
  • Rigid and durable structures Ideal when containment and storage continuity are key
  • Clean appearance ideal for front office use
  • Can be customized with your own end panel surfaces to match décor

Bin Shelving Units

The Pacific Bin Units Shelf Solution: Do more than just store. Organize.  Utilizing full-height dividers to create small, individual storage bins, metal bin shelving are the epitome of organization.

  • Ideal when separation of parts or boxes is critical
  • Dividers are adjustable on 2” increments
  • Available in a variety of bin configurations
  • Repositionable dividers make it a snap to store everything from CDs to PCs
Bin Units
Pacific Shelving Multi level

Multi-level Systems

The Pacific Multilevel System Solution: Generating storage space right out of thin air. Catwalk systems efficiently expand your capacity while minimizing overhead costs. Now that’s priceless.

  • Grating constructed of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel for long-lasting strength
  • Heavy duty beaded and angle posts ensure stability
  • Safety engineered to surpass OSHA requirements
  • Our in-house engineering staff will provide custom designs to meet your current and future needs, including a variety of stairs, handrail, grating, and other options for all ventilation, lighting, and sprinkler considerations

Frequently Asked Questions

Closed steel shelving units are designed with panels on all sides, ensuring items are protected from dust and external elements. This design promotes cleanliness and security. In contrast, open steel shelving is without side or back panels, offering immediate visibility and accessibility. It's ideal for items that require frequent access, ensuring efficient inventory management.
Bin shelving units are specialized storage solutions that come with multiple compartments or bins. Crafted for maximum organization, they cater to diverse storage needs, from small tools to larger equipment. Their structure is robust, often made from high-quality materials, ensuring they withstand daily wear and tear. Customization options in terms of size, bin count, and design are also prevalent.
Open steel shelving provides unrestricted access, making it perfect for environments where quick item retrieval is essential. Its open design ensures items are easily visible from all angles. In contrast, closed steel shelving offers a more secure storage solution, with panels that protect contents from external contaminants and unauthorized access, ensuring items remain in pristine condition.
Utilizing bin shelving units in storage environments brings numerous advantages. They promote superior organization, segregating items into dedicated compartments. This compartmentalization not only reduces clutter but also ensures items are easily locatable. Furthermore, their design maximizes space utilization, accommodating a variety of items, from small components to bulkier tools, enhancing workflow efficiency.

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