Planning a New Industrial Storage System to Maximize Operational Efficiency

July 14, 2020 10:25 am

In a recent study, Logistics Management recently found that 89% of warehouses in the United States are ten years old or more.  This can generally mean that 89% of American warehouses are out of date.

One way to modernize a warehouse is with the updating efficiency of steel shelving systems that are strong, durable, safer, and can handle the storage of small items far more efficiently than steel racks.

Having an organized space is the key to success in business. What’s more, providing structure, order, and organization in the workplace boosts productivity and increases employee morale.

Optimizing Your Storage Systems
The best way that industrial shelving systems will help with optimizing your storage system is that with customizable shelves, your inventory can be organized with purpose.

Maximizing warehouse space makes work easier for employees by streamlining processes and saving you money. Before a warehouse needs to be expanded to house a growing inventory, consider whether it is possible to organize it differently to maximize the already available space.

Understanding How Layout Affects Performance
Workers in a warehouse develop a workflow based on the most efficient operating methods. A poor warehouse layout means that efficiency and performance are going to decline.

Poor layout can result in bottlenecks at shipping and stocking points and upset morale. Redundant movements and activities can occur where workers must constantly move things out of the way.

Finding the Right Supplier
The right suppliers of industrial metal shelves can work with you to stay within your budget. It helps a great deal to find a supplier who can support your warehouse from the very beginning with planning and consulting.

At Western Pacific Storage Solutions, we offer industrial storage systems for warehouse storage and organization in multiple types and price points. Read more about what we have on offer.

Having a good warehouse ordering and organization plan is best for productivity and efficiency, but it also allows workers to feel better about their work. Western Pacific Storage Solutions (  has plenty of warehouse productivity enhancers to help you today.

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