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Break RoomsBreak Rooms

A double deck “room within a room” is the perfect option when space is at a premium and a closed or isolated work space is required, such as clean room and climate-controlled environments.

Working with Western Pacific dealers, we provide straight column, rigid frame systems that take the bounce out of floors, making them computer friendly. The added visibility also makes this the perfect supervisor’s office for the factory floor.

(PHOTO LEFT) A work platform (mezzanine) and staircase provided an observation deck for this break room area.


Outdoor canopies


Our outdoor canopies are ideal for providing covered storage space. Galvanized ceiling easily meet environmental requirements. Capacities include 20 psf live load and 70 mph wind load.

Any size canopy can be manufactured by Western Pacific Storage Solutions.

Standard base plates are 12″ sq x 1/2″ thick (with wedge anchors). The Standard roof slope on our canopies is 3/8″ to 12.”

Exhibit Structures

Our pre-engineered, unique exhibit structure design provides minimum components and connections to ensure easy installation. Sleek, lightweight construction makes it easily modified for future trade shows. Exhibit Structures columns are more spread out and do not require cross- or knee-bracing; fewer columns minimizes camouflaged or interrupted views.

Our exhibit structures feature long and open spans and are completely free-standing structures that encourage reconfigurable design practices. Deployment is local to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco shows and our re-engineered construction methods meet building codes and deliver considerable savings on design costs.

Exhibit Structures

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