Rivetier battery and tire racks

RiveTier battery, tire and muffler rack storage


RiveTier Battery Rack is the only boltless battery rack on the market—our unique design is patented.

  • Sets up in minutes with a rubber mallet
  • Lanes adjust to accommodate a variety of battery widths
  • Optional overhead storage makes the most of your floor space
  •  Flow rack guarantees firs-in first-out product rotation. See your factory certified dealer for product information



Tire Racks are heavy-duty steel units that are priced as economically as wood.Tirerack-2

  • Available in units from 2 to 6 tiers high
  • Attractive enough for the show room, yet durable enough for use in bulk tire storage applications
  • Add-on units can be installed easily and economically with fewer additional posts than other more costly systems
  • Angled beams hold tires in place without the need for locking devices so tires can be easily removed
  • Wall mount and portable units available
  • Optional tire cleat available for economic expansion of base unit



RiveTier Muffler Rack makes it a breeze to organize muffler inventory.

  • End tailpipe tangles with our hanging tailpipe rack