Rivetier Solutions

RiveTier Solutions

RiveTier Boltless Shelving: saving you time and money. Not only does it assemble in minutes, it’s actually 30% less expensive to assemble than bolted shelving, and 40% lower overall. Offering six different types of units, your problems are as good as solved.

Long Span

img_rivetier_longspanLong Span Shelving is the perfect choice when a tough, high capacity system is needed. These racks provide a strong, functional, and economical solution to your most difficult storage problems. From industrial to retail storage, Long Span holds it all.

  • Spans up to 8’ mean fewer posts to obstruct access to your materials
  • Heights up to 21’ with no splicing
  • Available in mezzanine applications to double your storage space
  • Engineered to your exact specifications
  • Integrates easily with Low Profile units, to meet your specific needs

Low Profile

img_rivetier_lowprofileThe versatility of Low Profile Shelving makes it the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications, including use with mobile and mezzanine systems. Not to mention, it provides the same profile as metal shelving at a much more economical cost.

  • Spans up to 4’ wide
  • Weight capacity up to 350 pounds per shelf
  • Concealed shelf edge for a cleaner appearance
  • Assembles fast—no special tools or equipment required
  • Shelves adjust easily and quickly
  • Unobstructed access from all four sides
  • Additional units can be added to any side to provide desired depths
  • Low cost units are more economical than metal shelving

Z Beam

img_rivetier_zbeam1Z Beam Shelving combines the best of Long Span and Low Profile, creating a high-capacity system with a low-profile beam. It’s the perfect solution to maximize space in the font office or the backroom.

  • Spans up to 6’
  • Weight capacities up to 2400 pounds per shelf
  • Reduced beam profile increases vertical clearance by 1 1/16” per shelf
  • Top of beam is flush with top of shelf, protecting the edge and giving unit a clean appearanceimg_rivetier_zbeam2

Record and File Storage
Efficient Record and File Storage is a difficult thing to master. Whether you need to maximize your existing space, get better organized, or archive documents and records, RiveTier has the solution. Z Beam Record Archive Shelving and Open File Storage can solve your problems, providing you easy access to your materials without wasting space.

img_rivetier_archiveboxRecord Archive Box Storage

  • Store 20 standard record boxes per shelf
  • Available as single units or multilevel systems
  • No sway braces means total access from all sides
  • No wasted space
  • Easily expandable—a second level catwalk system can be added to double storage space without adding overhead




img_rivetier_openfileOpen File Storage

  • Ideal for records not yet ready to be archived
  • Shelves incline 3/8” from front to back, so files stay in place
  • Two bookends included per shelf
  • Units sized for letter or legal sized files




Work Areas

img_rivetier_workareasRiveTier Work Areas are available in a variety of configurations, from tables and benches to elaborate work stations. Improve your workflow and productivity with a custom design constructed to meet your unique needs. Ideal for use as packing stations, mailing/shipping centers, computer stations, quality control stations, assembly tables, maintenance benches and more.

  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable working height
  • An economical alternative to other ergonomic workstations
  • A variety of work surfaces available to fit your needs
  • Units can be electrically grounded for a safe, worry-free working environment
  • Lower shelf can be added for extra storage
  • All parts are fully interchangeable between Work Area configurations



Multi-Level Systems

img_rivetier_multilevelMultilevel Systems can double and even triple your usable storage space without adding overhead. Also features unobstructed access from all four sides and OSHA and UBC/BOCA approved designs.

  • Maximize your cubic space by making existing storage space more productive
  • Modular design means mezzanines can be easily expanded to meet your changing storage needs
  • Custom engineered to meet your storage requirements—including seismic applications
  • Available for Long Span, Low Profile, and Z Beam systems