Rivetier Specifications

RiveTier Specifications

Our systems are designed to grow with your business. Our design and engineering team can custom develop a system to meet your needs and your budget, no matter what your business application. With rock-solid seismic applications, OSHA and UBC/BOCA approved designs, industry-leading product testing, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and our quality assurance guarantee—you can’t go wrong with RiveTier.

Shelving System Growth


T-Post for RiveTier III reduces installation time

RivTee-2Western Pacific’s new RiveTier III product looks good and it’s compatible with Rapid
Rack and Jaken.” 

–Larry Gonzalez of Conveyor & Storage Solution

RiveTier III’s new T-post is quicker to install because there is no need to assemble two independent LURH post with tie plates.

So, stop losing time and money with having to install two LURH post with tie plates—switch over to RIV III’s intermediate post – interchangeable with other manufacturers’ product, but Western Pacific eliminates the delivery headaches.

Calculating Vertical Clear Open

img_rivetier_spec_calcvertThe profile of the shelf beam will affect the clear opening between shelf levels.