Catwalk file shelving

Catwalk Systems

Catwalk Systems efficiently expand your capacity while minimizing your overhead costs.

  • Start with a single level—add a second level as your needs grow. Deluxe shelving is fully integrated and expandable.
  • Grating constructed of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel for long-lasting strength.
  • Safety-engineered to meet or surpass OSHA, BOCA and UBC requirements.


Our high-rise Box Post is ideal for seismic, heavy duty or 3-level applications


Multilevel Systems

Engineered to meet or exceed all OSHA, UBC, and seismic requirements, catwalk systems make use of wasted overhead space while minimizing utility costs. Engineered calculations and stamped drawings for permit applications are available.



  • Made to UBC, IBC and OSHA specifications
  • Available in knock-down(KD) or all-welded
  • Open and closed risers
  • Handicap end loops available—welded or KD as required

Handrail & Gates

  • Standard or public access
  • End of aisle
  • Gates lift out, swing,and slide

img_deluxe_multilevel3Standard Return/Double Return

  • Sold as knock-down unit
  • 3 rail guardrail included
  • 9” metal plank decking
  • C-channel frame with 4 columns
  • Landings over 12’ tall include center strut bracing
  • Stairs over 12’ tall require an intermediate landing
    (Standard return shown in picture)

Deckover Options

  • 3/4” or 1 1/8” Deck
  • Pak over B Deck
  • Bar Grating
  • Grating Pak
  • Plank—Pak
  • Diamond Plate


File Shelving

Whether you need to store a few boxes or fill a warehouse, we can design a record storage solution to fit your needs from open file shelving in your office to archive boxes in the backroom. Records can be stored with either accessibility or density as your primary objective. You can also maximize your space by growing up with a multilevel system that utilizes Record and File Storage.

Deluxe shelving allow items to be clearly visible and easily referenced for quick access. They greatly reduce retrieval time by eliminating the need to open and close drawers. Moreover, our shelving utilizes vertical space that other filing and storage equipment often ignores.

We can increase your storage capacity by as much as 100%, or save you as much as 50% of your floor space. Files remain ready for quick and easy retrieval.