Double deck mezzanine

Double-deck Platform (Mezzanine)

Product Features

Double-deck Platform (Mezzanine)CircleOur galvanized finish is just the beginning.
Certainly the hallmark of every Industrial Structures platform (mezzanine) is its clean, unique, integrated finish that brightens the work space, resists corrosion and scratches and reflects light far better than painted surfaces.
circle2Our high strength 50 KSI steel never yields.
When considering the Industrial Structures platform (mezzanine), remember that our formed components can be engineered for systems capacity up to 500 psi. All of this, plus the benefit of weighing in at as much as a third less than conventional structural steel. Higher strength and lower weight provides considerable savings in both shipping and installation.
Circle3Mezzanine Industrial Structures
Flooring options that will floor you.
Once you configure your Industrial Structures platform (mezzanine) system, you will find that we can provide you with a wide variety of flooring options–from open grating, wood, diamond plate and beyond.

Full factory warranty. Full satisfaction. Full speed ahead.
We never forget that to our customers, time is money. That is why we are proud to provide a full warrantee on materials and workmanship for one year from receipt acceptance. That is also why we built our company upon a philosophy of complete customer satisfaction.

Count the services you can count on.
Design Support from our experienced engineering and design team and Field Support from our national sales team will help determine the best on-site solution for your specific needs and requirements. In addition, CAD Drawings from blue line to full color provide responsive answers to your most complex questions.

Types of Platforms (Mezzanines)

Rack- or Shelving-Supported(Mezzanine)Rack- or Shelving-Supported
Rack- or shelving-supported platforms (mezzanines) use inherent members to withstand loads placed on the upstairs level. Space below is limited to racks or shelving. This type of platform (mezzanine) simply transfers the floor level space to the upstairs area and features open spans up to 30′ in either direction.
Freestanding platforms (mezzanines) provide optimum usable space above and below and are supported by framing members connected to the primary floor by columns alone. We use lightweight, high tensile steel in coil form, not the hot-rolled I-beam steel in pre-established lengths that others use. In fact, our product is 1/3 less steel by weight, yet it has been proven to be 38% stronger.

Pre-Engineered Platforms (Mezzanines)
Freestanding platforms (mezzanines) utilize pre-configured components to provide a 125 psf uniform loading capacity platform designed to meet seismic zone 4 requirements in a rapid deployment solution. Sizes range from
12′ x 16′ to 40′ x 40′.