Deluxe: The Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving

Strength for heavy duty industrial Steel shelving Application

Western Pacific’s Deluxe heavy duty steel shelving systems often provide the opportunity for expanding operations to consolidate and maximize space, while at the same time keeping an eCommerce entity organized and easily accessible by reconfiguring for constantly changing merchandise SKUs.

Because of Deluxe, the most cost effective system can be designed; the “right” system can be installed.

Indeed many have said that Western Pacific’s engineering department is without peer in the industry. The size and quality of our team is extraordinary.


Here’s why Deluxe enables the most cost-effective outcome:

• Deluxe Versatility: a variety of shelf & post configurations make it possible to effectively solve storage issues in the smallest of backroom areas,  the largest of distribution centers and everything in-between.

• High-Performance Capacity: whether you need to support 350 or 1,000 pounds per shelf, “the original box shelf” provides the most appropriate capacity for the job  – be it 24, 22, 20, or 18 gauge. The unique “original box” design delivers the enhanced stability you need.

• Deluxe Expands: when in the future of an organization, storage demands may require cubing a room with cat-walks, currently, you can confidently install 9’ of Deluxe, leaving room for sprinklers and lights, knowing that Deluxe will easily expand higher when the time arrives.

• Deluxe Works in Seismic Areas: few other heavy duty industrial shelving systems can make this claim.

• Deluxe Saves Space: the Deluxe heavy-duty design allows you to take advantage of air space–more storage in a smaller footprint.

Deluxe Enables Multi-level: one of the key ingredients is the Deluxe high-rise post. In some areas, Deluxe easily supports 4 levels while others stop at 3 levels of shelving.

Wire-guided man-aboard order-picker application: for added strength and durability, DELUXE High Bay delivers seismic multi-level systems and lapped and welded shelf corners.




Deluxe shelving perfectly combines structural integrity with a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The Deluxe Open Unit Shelf can respond to seismic activity and works for the most demanding applications.

The Western Pacific Accu-Wall shelving system. Accu-Wall integrates with any put-to-light or pick-to-light system you may obtain from those who manufacture light-directed tecnology.

A box shelf storage solution with many different configurations: Deluxe

Open Units

Closed Units

Bin Units

Multi-Level Units

High Bay


The Deluxe Original Box Shelf is designed to be the strongest available. Upright Posts are available in three different designs: angle, beaded,and…
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The Deluxe Box Shelf Solution: Got Heavy? This is the shelf to store it on. There can only be one original. In the world of the box shelf system, Deluxe is the one and only.
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Based on 87” high standard units, click below for Bin Unit Configuration and shelving spacing chart specs. You’ll also find shelf capacities and shelving system growth details.
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Photo Gallery

See our Deluxe line in action.
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