Platform (mezzanine)

Industrial Mezzanine Platforms and storage systems

Double your usable floor space with a two-level work platform (mezzanine) Storage system.

Industrial Structures’ work platforms (mezzanines) are less than 30% of the cost of a new building.

Their Rigid Frames maintain a right angle between the column and beam, therefore minimizing the effect of impact loads, seismic loads, and accidental overloads, by transferring excessive loads to beam and other columns in a multi-span environment.

Our work platforms (mezzanines) meet all seismic zone and impact resistance requirements.


Is_FeatureGreater load bearing capacities assured. The bi-directional rigid frame construction of an Industrial Structures work platform (mezzanine) features stronger connections
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IS-SolutOur pre-engineered, unique exhibit structure design provides minimum components and connections to ensure easy installation. Sleek, lightweight construction
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IS_SpecWork platform (mezzanine) shall be of the freestanding type; constructed of zinc coated (galvanized) steel, bi-directional rigid frame design such as the Industrial Structures
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Photo Gallery

Indust_PhotoSee our Industrial Structures line in action.
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