Z-beam archive shelving

Z Beam back

Z Beam Shelving combines the best of Long Span and Low Profile, creating a high-capacity system with a low-profile beam. It’s the perfect solution to maximize space in the front office or the backroom.img_rivetier_zbeam1

  • Spans up to 6’
  • Weight capacities up to 2400 pounds per shelf
  • Reduced beam profile increases vertical clearance by 1 1/16” per shelf
  • Top of beam is flush with top of shelf, protecting the edge and givin unit a clean appearance


Record and File Storage

Efficient Record and File Storage is a difficult thing to master. Whether you need to maximize your existing space, get better organized, or archive documents and records, RiveTier has the solution. Z Beam Record Archive Shelving and Open File Storage can solve your problems, providing you easy access to your materials without wasting space.


Record Archive Box Storage

  • img_rivetier_archiveboxStore 20 standard record boxes per shelf
  • Available as single units or multilevel systems
  • No sway braces means total access from all sides
  • No wasted space
  • Easily expandable—a second level catwalk system can be added to double storage space without adding overhead





Open File Storage


  • Ideal for records not yet ready to be archived
  • Shelves incline 3/8” from front to back, so files stay in place
  • Two bookends included per shelf
  • Units sized for letter or legal sized files





Z Beam Style


Z Beam

  • Offers a lower profile than the SS Beam—when shelf height spacing is a consideration
  • Higher capacity than the SSLP Beam, Z Beam is ideal for mid-range spans (wider than the SSLP, less than the SS)
  • Particle board shelves are hidden from view
  • Load capacity up to 2400 lbs. per shelf