Proper Warehouse Design Can Improve Accessibility and Flow of Operations

September 24, 2019 11:45 pm

Efficiency is everything when it comes to any business, but especially for those companies who provide storage for others. This is because any delay in operations can easily have a snowball effect that leads to every other task becoming delayed and possibly even lost clients. Therefore, it is important that a business does everything that it can to make sure that its daily operations go as smoothly as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is through the use of strategic warehouse designing. Here are the various ways that a warehouse can employ storage units like boltless shelving in order to improve accessibility and flow of operations.

Put Related Items Next to Each Other
With every task, there are going to be various steps that need to be completed in a very specific order. For example, when getting an item ready to be shipped from an area used for storing toys, the toys will need to be selected from rows of boltless industrial shelving units, then properly packaged, and then delivered to the shipping department. Therefore, those areas containing toys should be placed relatively close together.

Having to go to one side of the warehouse to retrieve the item, bring it to the other end for packaging, and then go back towards the other end for shipping makes no sense and just uses an unnecessary amount of time. Luckily, boltless steel shelving is a dependable storage medium for warehouses.

Separate Shelving for Easy Access
Many companies are tempted to place their boltless steel shelving back to back in order to take up as little space as possible. However, if you are interested in making it as easy as possible in order to access your various products, then you might consider separating the shelving units.

Boltless shelving without a solid back, means that employees would be able to reach items from both sides. This is great for a first-in-first-out storage model, which will prevent employees from having to remove the recently stored products every time they want to access the older products placed at the back of the shelf.

If you are interested in improving your warehouse accessibility and flow of operations, then you should strongly consider visiting WPSS and purchasing boltless shelving.

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