Reasons to Choose Boltless Shelving over Other Shelving Options

November 20, 2014 1:52 pm

Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) has one of the best boltless shelving products on the market. RiveTier®, the original low-profile boltless system, saves time and money.

Amazing Benefits of RiveTier®
Even without sway braces, these industrial shelves handle the toughest storage jobs. Without cross beams, boltless shelving provides access to materials from both sides. This makes loading and unloading quicker with more efficient storage. The aesthetics are cleaner, creating a work environment that looks professional and organized with boltless shelving.

This type of industrial shelving is an excellent cost-effective and long-term solution for various industries and applications. The construction includes steel posts and rivet beams, as well as different shelving material options, such as particleboard, steel, and more. To support the shelves, rivet beams lock into the posts.

  • Easy to Assemble and Disassemble–RiveTier® industrial shelving assembles with a rubber mallet. Without clips and bolts, both processes are complete in just minutes.
  • Customization– To meet your specific requirements, boltless steel shelving is customizable thanks to the rivet lock shelving beams.
  • Safe and Easy Use– Organization is imperative in work settings. With this type of industrial shelving, everything is uniform and orderly. Without panels or sway bars, you have unobstructed access to all sides. This reduces the risk of injury, making the work environment safer in warehouse.
  • Versatility – When looking for the right industrial shelving solution, think both short and long term. You want shelving that handles your current needs and accommodates future growth.
  • Durability– Considering the amount of weight that boltless shelves hold and the environment, durability is critical. In the case of RiveTier®, you can choose from four different types of decking, each making the shelves even more durable.
  • Cost– Boltless shelving is an affordable product. With RiveTier®, the purchase cost is 40 percent less and the cost of assembly is 30 percent less compared to other shelves.

Designed without bolts and nuts to affix boltless shelving to the wall, this remarkable solution offers flexibility, reliability, and changeability. Considering all the industrial shelving benefits, it is easy to understand why this type of industrial shelving has become the preferred storage solution for many businesses.

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